I read about the update for the sl2 which is what i own and love. this is my third sl2 i think they have sent me over two or three years and there is always something wrong. My biggest problem is that i cant dock it in my car right now and the antennae on my boom box is broken so i cant update through those devices, if that is even my problem. i do have the usb cable that connects to the radio and computer but is that good enough? the problem i get is that the wireless signal is usually really strong but after 10-15 seconds is starts buffering, it rarely picks up where it left off usually it jumps ahead a few seconds but sometimes it skips over whole segments. if i use my iphone right next to my sl2 the iphone works perfectly while the stilleto lags. is my problem the update or is it just a crappy refurbished mp3 player that i should send back? thanks for the help and i love the site.