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    Board Traffic

    Did anyone else catch that there were like 150 active users on the board this morning? I thought there was something big happening with the company, weird...

    Anyways, I saw a lot of you were guests. If you don't have an account yet, sign up! Let's get some good discussion going here.

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    Anyone here watch Lost? They are like "the others." They come and go, they don't make a sound, and you never knew they were here.

    Come on guys jump in... the water is warm
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    Hey so I just wanted to thank you guys. I think you have done a very good job with putting out information during this grueling process. I know over the past forever I have been checking in to see what news you guys compiled. So I thank you for your work, and now instead of just reading some of these articles I looked into your forum and figured I would join to maybe have some intelligent discussion. Good luck to you guys, and hopefully I will get to exchange some thoughts with all of you.

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    I like that I see interest in contacting the company with recommendations and for fact finding. Thanks.

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