Recently I have run across several people selling Sirius boombox units that they claim have lifetime subscriptions, but don't have any paperwork to verify it. I'm not concerned about transferring the subscription, and would just like to have a few Sirius radios for my boat, lake cottage, office, etc.
Being a longtime Sirius subscriber myself I know that most of us pay for one or two years at a time, and if I sell one of my cars the sirius radio will keep working for maybe even a full year for the new buyer before it shuts off (if I don't transfer it to a new car}.
Is there any way to verify a lifetime sub with Sirius without the fear of having it turned off? I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a boombox and a month later have it go "dead". One seller told me that he thought his radio was a "store demo" and if anyone called Sirius about it it would be immediately turned off.
What if I called Sirius and said that I inherited a radio from a relative who died and wanted to know what kind of sub it has on it?
I don't want to get scammed, but also don't want to get someone's sub turned off by trying to verify the lifetime sub!
Thanks in advance for any help and advice!