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Thread: Introduce Yourself...

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    Introduce Yourself...

    I know that our profiles have a space for this kind of information, but if you frequent the board (and you feel comfortable doing it) feel free to tell us a little about yourself...

    I'm 22, originally from Connecticut, and now live up in Boston. Finished up degrees in Accounting and Finance, and now am in a Master's program for Accounting as well. Right now I work in one of the Big Four public accounting firms doing tax work.

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    Talking Greeland

    good idea Z.

    What's up guys, just joined up this past week. Mainly to see how the merger was doing and if it was gonna happen. And of course get info from people that are in know. I'm 30 finishing up my TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language ) certificate and in a year I'll be somewhere in southeast Asia. Preferably Thailand. Hopefully this "Sirius" investment i made will pay off next year, it could help me land some property in Bangkok. Well that's me for now, see ya guys.

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    I am 29, from the Boston area, and I spend way too much time working on this website
    Charles LaRocca
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    So how do you know Tyler? Did you just come together when the sites merged or did you know each other before that?

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    When I approached Tyler about combining the sites, I had no idea who he was or where he was from.

    Readers digest version: I just thought that I could design/run a website better than him and I knew for a fact that he knew more about the stock/company than me.

    It must have been destiny!
    Charles LaRocca
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    I'm 36 and work as an underwriter. Love music, news and money, so satrad is a great match for me.

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    Hi, I am way older than you guys, I am 45, soon to be 46. I love music, and listen to Hair Nation, Classic Rewind, the big 80's, I am stay at home mom, hope to get to know everyone better!! And I play the bass
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    Hey Now!

    I'm James, 33 from Long Island, NY.

    I work, way too much in life. I'm a Technology Specialist on Wall St. Run my own Consuting Firm, Operate an Online Radio Station, and also own a Recording Studio geared towards Indie Artists and Record Labels. (No, not out of my bedroom LOL).

    I've had Sirius pre-Stern and bought the stock (unfortunately) back when he announced moving to Sirius! (Last Of A Dying Breed....)

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    Ya doesn't have ta call me johnnyirishxm

    Hi, My name is johnnyirishxm
    I am from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
    I am a Certified Financial Analyst
    I work as Global Media Ananlyst for King of all Traitors
    My hobby is reading Investors Business Daily
    I like checking out broads at Flip-Flops Bar in Wildwood, NJ
    I am calling for a big technical breakout of Siri to $0.86 on December 31
    I thank you

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