As a truck driver I couldn't just order a replacement power cord and pick it up from my mailbox. Searched for a power cord at many truck stops, Walmart, Best Buy, CB shops and anywhere else I thought I might find one. I wasn't about to.spend $50 on a extra car dock since I already had a dock and only needed the power cord...not to mention I only paid about that much for the radio, dock and all the cords combined. I called Sirius support to find out the plug specs and no one there could tell me the polarity so I could try a universal adapter. I I finally found a Radio Shack and not only got the answers I was seeking but found an adapter that worked! Thought I would share my findings with everyone else in hopes they wouldn't go through all the same troubles. The adapter I found was an enercell adapter model # 2700056 that was $17.97. You have to buy the tips separately and the one that worked with my Stratus 6 radio was the enercell model 273-324 with the center being positive. Hope this info helps someone else. The nice thing that's really nice about this adapter that made the cost seem more worth it, is that it also has a USB port on it for charging an additional device.