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Thread: Get jim ladd off the air

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    I keep deep tracks on most of the time in the car and at home except when Jim Ladd is on tried to tolerate it for a while but I just cant listening to his pompous attitude and political rants, please shut him up with his politics. thanks for letting me express this distaste. Rickey

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    I listen to Sirius in the car so only catch Jim Ladd's show when I'm returning from frequent meetings I attend about 100 miles away, but I look forward to it and would miss it were he and Sirius to part ways. I thoroughly enjoy the show from the way Jim handles his choice of play list to what you might call banter, though it's not really banter with Jim. Politics? I think in this strange politicized world the US has become were he to rant and rave like a Rush Limbaugh, regardless of the political message, Sirius would remove him without notice next day. They must have a channel for that crap but I don't receive it. What I've heard of his political utterances they are subtle and perhaps a shade left, but thoughtful and reasonably stated in a "doesn't this make sense" tone. But then I'm a bit shade left myself.

    The way Jim handles the show reminds me of what I liked about the FM Radio I heard at a Florida college station in the 70s. That show was free ranging and thematic at times with the limited music they had on hand. Like Jim they weren't afraid to play a long songs and talk with their listeners briefly about the music. BUT the show was about the music and not the chatter. What his show provides is one reason I subscribe to Sirius. As for the Deep Tracks channel itself I find the Daytime Deep Tracks boring at times and the tracks not very deep, but that might be aimed at a different audience.

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    Looks like Jim Ladd's gone and Dusty Street is in his place.[though I still see him listed as a host so maybe he's ill or something]
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    My only complaint about Jim Ladd's show is that he tends to play too much mainstream Classic Rock. It defeats the purpose of having a Deep Tracks channel. Perhaps his type show would be better suited for Classic Vinyl or Classic Rewind. Other than that, I really like Jim Ladd's show!

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    My issue with Jim Ladd is that he plays a Doors song every show. Usually, within the first 10 songs too. Hey, I like a lot of bands but I wouldn't play them every show. I guess it beats playing Bob Dylan every hour like Earle Bailey does.

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    During Columbus Day, Jim Ladd went off on a cuckoo tangent against Columbus Day. I enjoy Deep Tracks, but why am I being preached to by this Marxist? Calling the Europeans who came to the US the bad guys against peaceful Indians is nonsense - the Aztecs killed over 80,000 people over four days as a human sacrifice to inaugurate a new temple only five years before Columbus arrived. This old-school Soviet textbook stuff comes from Howard Zinn's take off of Karl Marx's class warfare and it's disgusting to hear it promoted on Deep Tracks. The Europeans were by no means innocent of any wrongdoing, but you can't compare the Italian Columbus' treatment of the Indians to Spaniards or English or the French. Columbus executed some of his own men for mistreating the Indian inhabitants, for goodness' sake. And the Indians were by no means "peaceful". Good grief!

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    There is no place for political rants or pontifications on “commercial free” music radio. Especially disappointed hearing Ladd’s self-righteous voice on the new Hotel California Eagles station.

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    Jim Ladd's show is "free form" radio. With that being the case I think there is very little that should be off limits. I personally agree with Jim's political views, and anyone who disagrees and thinks he should be kicked off the air for those views are the enemies of free speech and democracy. I served in the US Navy for 21 years defending this country and its Constitution. I may vociferously disagree with what you say but I would defend to the death your right to say it. Jim Ladd deserves the same consideration.

    I was having a romantic evening on my boat with a friend one early summer evening watching an awesome sunset, having a beer, and listening to Jim and emailed a request to him, which he played, and subsequently put together a set of 4 or 5 other songs that fit the moment and the scenery beautifully. Its a moment I will long remember especially since he gave me my 5 minutes of fame.

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