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Jim Ladd's last live show was January 29 and Deep Tracks listeners have been wondering where he's been. Well, most of them, anyway. Jim Ladd posted this on Facebook yesterday:

"Hey kids...note from me: Jim Ladd is alive and well! Hello to EVERYONE checking in on social media! I know you have been wondering where I am so let me say...I will be back on air real soon and will post the date and announce show returning on Deep Tracks same bat-time, same bat-channel in advance of the first show, so hang in there and be ready to ROCK! Peace, Love, MUSIC. You can send song requests to me direct email as usual at: jimladdshow@sirius.com."

"Same bat-time, same bat-channel," Jim? Your younger listeners aren't going to understand that reference. Wham! Pow! Crash!
Well, I am sad for whatever happened to Mr. Ladd and wish him no ill will but I'm sorry to hear he'll be back I was enjoying Deep Tracks very much without him.

He talks way. too. much. He plays the same songs way way WAY too much. And taking calls on the air - seriously? Like we give two shits about Jim in Milwaukee and how his evening shift at the axle plant is going? I wish he would find his long-legged pony and ride her into the sunset and away from Deep Tracks.