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My wife and I found Deep Tracks some time ago and listen to it daily. Except when Jim Ladd is on. My wife was never more pissed off and angry than she was last night when she was reading and listening to Deep Tracks. Jim Ladd went on a 10-minute political rant devoid of any rational, informed facts. He then played one song and went at it again. A music channel that allows it's DJs to PONTIFICATE their views, as if us lowly listeners have to be ENLIGHTENED, will surely lose a good number of customers.

When Jim Ladd was on Los Angeles station KLOS-FM, it was the only time I tuned to another station. And this is from a listener who's had KLOS programmed on his car radios since 1969. Just can't stand the higher-than-thou, I-am-so-awsome, I-know-what-you-should-think pontifications of this man.

Every time this buffoon is on, it will be Classic Vinyl for me until his time is up.