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Thread: Get jim ladd off the air

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    Yes- he's gotta go. His political rants are, at best, uninformed. He's DBag!!

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    I agree, Ladd has got to go. He plays the same crap on his show that can be heard on any classic rock station on the FM dial. I pay for satellite radio so I can hear the music that doesn't get played on FM radio. Plus, his political rants are ridiculous. Deep Tracks is far and away my favorite station until Ladd's show comes on...then it's Jam On for me. Please, Sirius...give us a DJ who understands what Deep Tracks is all about!

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    It's been a great week of evenings with Dan Neer actually playing deep tracks while filling in for Jim Ladd. Unfortunately, Ladd's back on Monday so I'm sure it'll be back to his usual Pink Floyd / Doors / Rush / Fogerty et al that he plays EVERY SHOW. Think I'll spend my Ladd respite over on Underground Garage this week.

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    Well, I'm very happy to read that I'm not the only one left who doesn't appreciate their hard-earned being used to fund ignorant political rants coming out of high in the Hollywood hills. After enjoying Earle Bailey's excellent shows for quite some time now, it has become increasingly difficult to stay tuned to the Jim "Thorogood" Ladd's shows. I've made an effort to hang in to see if he'll ever "open it up," so to speak, but last night's rant comparing southerners to nazis was the final nail. As an active duty vet, I've lived all over the world and seen a lot of different "scenery" in my day. If Jim ever saw what it's like in the 3rd world, he might think that some of our freedoms -- like the one that allows him to make uniformed rants (the 1st amendment) -- are pretty precious. I've settled in the northeast, but my years in uniform exposed me to people from all over the US ... and I can tell you, from experience, that the southerners I served with were the salt-of-the-earth and the ones you wanted next to you when things got tough. Apparently, Jim has totally forgotten about what the fascist mentality that disparaged young people in the 60s was like. As someone who regularly employs both sexual and drug-culture innuendo to make a living, I would think that Jim Ladd would be one of the last north American's to support the book-burning culture of the past. Enough with the alienation of "other" regions of the country. Just play your rockabilly, Jim, and enjoy the rights that those crosses in Arlington represent.

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    Lord, PLEASE have mercy! I'll admit that Jim occasionally comes up with a nice segue or "free form" set, but I've had it with his show. Unless some shows are repeated, he seems to open with the same songs at times. His "rock" opening always includes Van Halen, UFO and that same Status Quo song. This guy has the greatest job on earth. He should spend a little more time trying to dig deeper.

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