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Jim Ladd is a Radio institution I have loved his work since LAs 94.7 KMET, yes he rants but you should have heard him the night John Lennon was killed, thats one show i wish i had recorded, hes extremely knowledgeable and has interviewed to greats of rock & roll, Keep it Going Jim
Jim Ladd may be an institution and I respect that...however he is just "geographically challenged" on Deep Tracks. I have been a DT listener since 95...never needed to complain until he came on the scene. His show should move to Classic Vinyl or FM somewhere….perhaps WXRT in Chicago as they have fallen into this type of programming trap. Deep Tracks audience is a mature audience and yes I am a prude about my music...that’s why I pay for my radio. Jim Ladd does not cater to this crowd…saying this, Deep Tracks still the best ever and I could not live without my XM….peace