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Thread: once again not happy

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    once again not happy

    well this is the second time i have tried sirius and it seems to me that the service has not changed i still spend all day trying to tune the radio so that i can hear sirius the radio channels always seem to overtake the sirius signal i am a truck driver and i have a truck antenna and it is in clear view of the signal but it seems the radio has a stronger signal this was i problem years ago so i dropped it now its only been back on for a week and i am ready to drop it again but this time will be for good and i will never return unless someone from sirius can tell me how to fix this problem and it works anyone have any other suggestions or does anyone else have this problem.

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    Are you using an FM transmitter? If so, find a way to setup a direct connection. The FM transmitter requires a weak/dead FM channel to broadcast to but, when you're driving across the country you're going to have to constantly look for a new weak channel to broadcast to.

    Does your trucks radio have an aux input? RCA inputs? If not, get a direct connection to the FM antenna wire. There are all kinds of direct connection options. The FM transmitter should be your last resort.
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