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Thread: Cancelled Internet Subscription -> charged $186

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    Cancelled Internet Subscription -> charged $186

    Here is the background info

    1 year sub for physical radio charged Feb 2012 good till Feb 2013
    1 year internet sub charged Feb 2012 good till Feb 2013

    due to the new completely screwed up internet app (connection loss every 5 min on iphone)
    I cancelled my internet sub, balance to be applied to future renewal.

    a few days later I see a charge for $186 on my credit card

    look online I see that my yearly sub (not due for renewal till Feb 2013) has been renewed on 8/24 till
    8/24/2013. There are also a bunch of charges and backed out charges that looks like maybe they tried
    to actually renew for 1 year and then for another year and then backed out the last year. I think. It's
    almost impossible to tell from the online info.

    So then the fun begins when I call customer service.

    I get a person who does not speak english very well. They are reading from a script a mile a minute
    and won't even listen to me when I try to explain things. I can't understand some of the words to the
    point where I have them spelling words so I can understand what they are saying.

    Somehow the internet sub is "linked" to the physical radio sub and when the internet sub is cancelled
    the physical radio sub needed to be renewed. This makes no sense what so ever. And no one mentioned
    anything about this when I cancelled the internet sub.

    So after about 20 minutes I ask for a supervisor and after being on hold for 5 minutes I get a "supervisor" who
    sounds exactly like the original rep. After about 10 more minutes I break through the robot recitation of the
    canned script and finally get them to understand the problem.

    Finally they claim they will refund the $186 and the remainder of the internet sub and set my subscription
    back to expire on Feb 2013 (though it looks like I now have a 6 month sub not a yearly sub so it will
    probably renew for 6 months if I don't call them).

    Still have not seen a refund on my credit card, but my account online does show some activity that might
    indicate that this is coming. It's hard to tell from the online screens.

    I was this close to cancelling the physical subscription too, which I would have done if they were not
    able to reset the physical sub.

    How do they expect to be able to do business like this????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajax25 View Post
    How do they expect to be able to do business like this????
    No one knows! Customer service has always been the biggest complain against this company. Voice your opinion on Twitter and Facebook, they have attentive U.S. based reps running both of those systems.
    Charles LaRocca
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