I received an ad from Sirius that didn't make much sense. You all might have seen it also. Concerning today's free radio offer, it appears that the deal requires only a 3 month subscription but the fine print states that there's a cancellation fee when cancelled prior to 12 months. Image of ad on bottom.

When I contacted Sirius, they added a few MORE terms to the deal not listed in the ad, stating you needed an existing account and the radio would be an additional one.
From the email:
"Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

Thank you for contacting SiriusXM regarding your inquiry.

In response to your concern, the free radio comes with a 3 month subscription which is an additional radio top your account. In addition, you need to keep the radio for at least a year to avoid the $75 cancellation fee, if you decide to cancel the service. We invite you to call our Listener Care hotline below for further assistance."

What's up with this? How can one ever decide to buy into such a deal if it is presented in such a confusing way?