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Thread: App For Samsung Smart TV ?

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    App For Samsung Smart TV ?

    Hows is everyone doing, this is my first post. I just got my new Samsung smart tv. I went to the browser on my tv thinking i could listen to sirius online through my tv, which is pumping through my home reciever) So, i logged into Sirius, went to "listen" punched in my user name and password, picked my station i want to hear, but all i get is silence. It looks like it should be playing , because i can also push the stop button. Im wondering if it is possible i need "Flash" or something to get it working. I remember my new computer needed flash or firefox or something to make it work. Any ideas if i can pull this off, and how if i can ? Thanks

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    I'm not exactly familiar with Samsung TV's... what browser does it use? Is it a proprietary Samsung browser? Its safe to say that if it is a Samsung browser type thing (ie not a real browser), its not supported by SiriusXM.

    Your best hope is that Sasung has or will update their firmware to make their browser more like a real browser. Check out and see if there is an update out for your TV.

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