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Thread: DGL and LMCA

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    DGL and LMCA

    Maybe its time to lighten things up a little bit. How about a playful bet.

    I suggested yesterday that Mr. SiriuslyWrong might want to sell his gold shares and buy LMCA.

    I thought it would be fun to see how these two stock holdings
    play out over the next years.

    Yesterday DGL closed at 54.41 and LMCA closed at 79.67.

    So lets watch how these do for the rest of the year and beyond.
    I have no idea how this will turn out.
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    I thought he would get a kick out of this. I quess the meds arent working. LOL.

    Just having fun SiriuslyWrong. Take it easy. I know i have been pouring it on you and Mr. Schiff.
    He definitely deserves it. You're a good sport despite your occassional insults, nastiness, low blows and lies.

    Have a good day.

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    Its a close race as of now with DGL up 1.05% and LMCA up 1.02%. Neck and neck. lol

    I will be back with the closing totals today.
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    So at the close of the day. DGL was up 1.10% and LMCA was up 1.15%. Wow, very close.

    Im up a hair after the first day.

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    Good stuff there Lloyd, glad the Lexpro finally kicked in.

    You got me thinking about LMCA now. I think I'm going to cash until Greece defaults.

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    What's "lexpro"? I seriously dont know what you are talkinig about. I mean i have heard of qualudes and vicadine and other drugs like that but never heard of lexpro.
    The truth is i rarely even take aspirin. I'm lucky to be in excellent shape and to be able to avoid
    medicines in general.

    Is that something YOU are taking? Seem to know an awful lot
    and to be obsessed about medications. Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Its alright you can telll me.
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    Cashing out gold and everything? Tell me when. I want to follow your bets.

    Just make sure you dont follow Schiff's advice too much. " ...Schiff's portfolio down 40 to 70%" Ouch.

    NOTE: I bought some LMCA today at $79.45 and am going to keep nibbling.
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    Still planning to cash out? Curious.

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    LMCA making a little move today. DGL standing in its tracks. Right about now SiriuslyWrong is thinking.....
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    Day 2:

    LMCA up 2.74% to finish at $82.80
    DGL down 0.11% to finsih at $54.95

    Bought some more Liberty earlier today in low 82's (half what i bought at $79.45)

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