I spoke to Sirius on this issue they claimed the radio is so old it does not work work well with there signal. They than sold me which I am going to return a crapster Stratus 6. This is a severe downgrade I do not mind finding an older model so what radio do you recommend? And does anyone know if it's true what they stated or could it just be a bad antenna as I read a new antenna can be purchased from Best Buy for about $30.

So what are my options at this time?

Replay has 44 minutes replay time, remote, jump, and favorites band/author, and an actual knob for controlling it. The knob makes it much easier for my mother who uses it in her car as she is 75 years old now. So I need something with similar features. What radio? Would Sportster 5 be the best deal or is there something better? I found these on Google Shopping for around $100.