*I recently purchased a Grace Digital Internet Radio that is compatible with SIRIUS. I have the SIRIUS premier package and Internet subscription and I am able to listen to the MLB games on channels 840 to 869 on this radio as well as every other SIRIUS channel.

My question is, will I also be able to listen to the NFL games as well and if so when?* I was able to listen to an NFL game this past Sunday on my computer using the stations 800-831. The issue I have is, *I was not able to listen on the Grace Digital Internet Radio I have. *On the Grace Radio all I was getting on the 2 team channels that had a game
broadcast last Sunday was a talk show replay from the MLB network.

I have talked to 5 customer service reps at Sirius and sent 2 emails to them and still cannot get an answer. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me as I cannot understand why only these channels are a problem.