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Thread: Anyone else dissatisfied with Sirius?

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    Anyone else dissatisfied with Sirius?

    I have been a subscriber to Sirius/XM since the very beginning and I think that may be coming to an end. In the beginning the promise was uninterrupted music - no commercials and no annoying disc jockeys. And it was true. There were no disc jockeys and the commercials were confined to the talk channels.

    Then they went out and hired disc jockeys. Disc jockeys, as I understand it, have only one function in life and that is to interrupt the music. Why? Why did they spend all that money to hire disc jockeys just to make the service worse? If it's true that people really wanted to hear inane prattle why don't they just listen to FM? I don't get it.

    The other thing that's driving me to unsubscribe are the endless station promos. Seems like after almost every song they play a station promo to remind you that you're listening to some channel on Sirius XM. Again, why? Why do they feel the need to constantly remind me I'm listening to Sirius? There's an old saying in sales that once you've made the sale you should stop selling. They don't seem to get this.

    So, tell me, am I the only one or do other people feel the same way? If it wasn't for Howard Stern I would have cancelled a long time ago and just plugged in my iPod.

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    You're definitely not the only one. Unfortunately, the crappy DJs are limited to a certain subset of stations so, not everyone hears the same experience.

    I will say this, the company is much more receptive to feedback now than it was in years passed. If you have a favorite channel, find that station ( visit their webpage and submit feedback. Between twitter, facebook, and specific station email addresses, you will get your voice heard. If people don't vote, they'll never know!

    As far as the station ID's that remind you that you're listening to SiriusXM, I couldn't agree more. It is strange and I can't imagine why they do it. Maybe its just old radio thinking from the old radio guys that run the company?

    Welcome to the forums , I feel your pain .
    Charles LaRocca
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnharvard View Post

    So, tell me, am I the only one or do other people feel the same way?
    You are definitely not alone. In fact it would probably be safe to say that you are in the majority! Lucky for me, the few music channels that I consistently listen to either have NO DJ's at all (chill) or when they are present, respectfully limit their jibber-jabber and get back to playing MUSIC. Having been a lifetime subscriber since 2005, I've noticed the difference also on certain stations and it is certainly not needed nor welcomed. Lets hope that it doesn't get any worse!

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