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Thread: Sirius Stiletto 2 Bug. Activation and Recording Issue since July 11, 2012

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    Sirius Stiletto 2 Bug. Activation and Recording Issue since July 11, 2012

    This issue is now resolved

    Date: Monday 7/16/2012
    Time: 2:30 PM (Approximate)

    Please go to the final page of this thread to see the resolution. The bottom line is, dock your radio, and Sirius will send an new update that fixes all issues with the SL2. I cannot confirm it myself. But people here are posting the results.

    Special thanks to SiriusBuzz for hosting the site.

    I want to thank @TSSTaylor from twitter (and another forum) for keeping me informed and telling me about the fix.

    Ans I want to encoorage you to call Sirius CS and complain about our outage. MelRock10 has been able to get 6 days of credit from this fiasco. Here is his part of his post from this thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by MelRock10 View Post
    Having the same problems as everyone else, same time frame, and same issues with Customer Service. However, the last two "tech" people I talked to (on July 12th and July 15th) actually credited the past six days for two radios (I have two SL2 radios on my account, both having the same problem) to my account. Everyone who hasn't done this should make sure the get on the phone with Sirius and make sure they get a credit. You are paying for a service that you're not getting! Maybe if they lose enough money on this deal they'll actually do something about it.
    Below is the original post. I want to thank and commend everyone for staying on top of this. I think we rattled the cage a little bit.

    A BABABOOEY to ya all!




    Apparently, on Wednesday July 11th, there was a problem that affected Sirius Radio subscribers. The problem was characterized simultaneously as an outage, update bug, software update and satellite malfunction, but very little has been confirmed. But it seems that many radios became unsubscribed. Attempts at restarting the radio by "sending the signal," either by phone, Customer Care or computer proved futile. Customer Care had no knowledge of the problem except to say that a satellite was having a problem. A recording cut in while on hold, explaining that they there was a problem affecting "some" radios and they were working on it.

    But I had questions. My question was, if my radio was unsubscribed, would it automatically be re-subscribed or would I have to send it a hot shot? No one in Customer Care knew what I was talking about and tried vainly to sell me second radio. I asked to be put through to tech support and was put on hold with different wait time music for about 30 minutes. It then switched me back to the regular Customer Care line.

    Later sometime in the evening of the 11th, some people starting getting their radio signal back and when I returned home from work on July 12, I still had a screen on my SL2 asking me to activate, after looking up the channels, going to to Channel 1 and 184, my line-up came back and I could hear Howard Stern. I went back to recordings to see if they were still there and was given a screen that said I needed to subscribe my radio in order to use the function. I did a reset and erase, put the phone back in the dock, set my regional time DST and the radio again was telling I needed to subscribe to Sirius. I was able to bypass the screen and get my channels back. I set-up a record for Howard to see if it would work -- it seemed to be and I went to bed.

    The next morning, Friday, July 13th, my radio was still functioning with a strong signal and everything seemed back to normal. I pulled it from the dock and went to recordings and of course... it still said that my Sirius Stiletto 2 was unsubscribed.

    Very little was on the internet, until I found this forum and it appears that this is a problem still affecting SL2 owners and perhaps SL10 and SL100 owners. So this post is here as a rallying point for us to pass information and stay on top of the situation.

    My fear is that Sirius is not going to fix the issue and let the SL2 phase out which would be apocalyptic for me at least. I own this radio because I MUST record to enjoy the Howard Stern show. If it doesn't record, then Sirius is worthless to me since Howard doesn't post podcasts. If they don't fix this, I am done with SiriusXM.

    Now there is hope. The following was posted on another thread in this forum. (That thread, which I found can be accessed HERE.)

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbobo View Post
    I spoke with someone a little higher up on the tech support food chain and was told the following: the reason those with SL2 receivers are able to listen to the channels is because they have been given a "free" subscription. This is a temporary solution and while it doesn't solve the library issues it was felt that being able to listen to the radio was better than nothing. They are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.
    Hopefully, this is what is really happening, but Sirius has not been the most reliable company when it comes to customer support.

    So, if you are having the same issues, respond to this post with your story and we can keep each other informed and perhaps act as a group to attention called to this issue.

    To summarize:

    1. On July 11th, 2012 something happened (Described by a Customer Support Rep as a software update) that caused an outage amongst "some" Sirius Satellite Radio users. It is unknown to me at least if this affected people from the XM side.

    2. Late on July 11, people were able to get their signals back.

    3. Seemingly, exclusively, owners of Sirius Satellite Stiletto 2 -- SL 2 -- receiver model still had issues that have not been resolved as of July 14, 2012. Our models can receive our broadcasts, but we cannot record and listen to shows as our radios were designed to do. The radio states that it is not subscribed although all of us are longtime subscribers and paid up in full. ( I am paid up until 2014 )

    Sirius Stiletto 2 radios are not working. Sirius Stiletto 2 radios will not record. Sirius Stiletto 2 radios will not playback. Sirius Stiletto 2 radios will become unsubscribed.

    If you are reading this, and you are having these problems, please post a reply (join if you have to) and we can keep each other informed. We need to get this issue out there.

    (BTW, I used a lot of redundancy to attract search engines)

    Let's get our Sirius Stiletto 2 SL2 SL 2 issues fixed!


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