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Thread: After subsciption update radio now not active

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    Just found this forum. Here is my story...

    Sometime in early August, my SL10 was working fine while driving and the suddenly, it cut off and lost the signal and never came back on. It said Acquiring Signal, Unsubscribed Channel, etc. I used a different antenna, nothing. I called customer service, they sent refreshes, did a restart, re-activation, etc...ran through all the troubleshooting items. Nothing.

    I figured it was something with my is 5 or so years old. So I bought a used one of Amazon for $50. It arrived, the service was still active so I plugged it into my car dock and it worked fine. Howard was there, music channels, all of it. So I called Sirius to change the radio over to my account.

    Now this is where it gets interesting...

    The second, and I mean THE SECOND that the new signal was sent to my radio to change the radio over to my account, the radio died just like the first one. Acquiring signal, unsubscribed channels. Nothing.

    I call back and get transferred up to a management department that can actually speak English and seem to know half of what they are talking about instead of none. I explain to them the situation and ask if they have a radio in their office they can transfer to my account to see if there is something wrong with my account. They can't, which I think is BS. They say my account looks fine. They place a work ticket for me so they can investigate the issue and say that I should receive a call from 24 hours to 7-10 days. This was on the 22nd. So today I call and ask what the deal is and they say there is one more day left on the ticket, and I am like, really? And the guy says, OK let me see if I can get them to help you so they try a "de-act, react" which does nothing. The guy basically says there is something wrong with my radio and I tell him, doesn't it sound fishy that the radio died the INSTANT the new signal was sent out to it? He says the new signal may have killed the radio. the signal is killing radios? That is like air killing humans.

    So after kicking out $50 for a second SL10, I am pretty much finished with Sirius. I am not going to buy a new untit, get it installed, all that BS. I am sick of them tearing apart my car to install units and run wiring. I JUST WANT MY SL10 TO WORK!!!

    So I am left to either cancel my subscription, which actually was saving me some money because I had called and complained about an issue before these problems began and basically got 4 extra months for free on a year subscription.

    Any ideas?
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