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Wow there was little information given out on the show today. Actually there was a little of a contradiction with Howard and Mel. Maybe I heard wrong and if I did please correct me.

First Mel had talked about getting Howard onto XM with no mention of the new radios. Then when Howard asked Mel what you had to do to get both XM and Siruis Mel said you would have to buy a new radio but he did not say that when he talked about putting Howard on XM so I am confused about that one.

Secondly I got the first 1/2 or so of Bubba and he was talking about Mel being on Opie and Anthony. There was mention that Opie and Anthony only had 65 days left on their contract. Does anyone think Mel will try to resign them or do they let them go and just give everyone Howard?
Mel Most likely will resign them The interview made it seem Mel wants Them in the Best of XM package