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Thread: Mel Karmazin on The Howard Stern Show

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    Mel Karmazin on The Howard Stern Show

    Howard had mentioned that Mel K. would be on the show tomorrow answering questions about the merger. Not sure what time he will be on though, Howard never mentioned that.

    I know I already sent some questions in. Whether they get read or not is anyones guess.

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    He didn't mention the time, but my guess would be around 8:00 to 8:30. That is prime "drive time" and Mel came on around 8:30 a.m. the day after the merger was originally announced. Wow, that seems so long ago.

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    I will be sure to tune in but I can almost guarantee that this interview will be all fluff. They will talk about how great they both are (and they will be right) but, they will not address the investors. They might talk about plans for the future but the odds that they talk about the sub $2 stock price is 10 to 1.

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    If and when Mel finishes with Howard could someone please paraphrase any relevant information discussed. Thanks.

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    I have the last 17 minutes of it recorded. I missed the first part of it. I can host the mp3 of it if anyone wants it.

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    Voogru- How are you? Thanks for offering to post the 17 minutes of Mel/Howard. I, for one, would love to hear it if you have the time to do it. Thanks!

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    Mel on CNN

    I just got the last part of it, when the analysts said on "Power Lunch" that the stocks are realy under value and it can only go up, that Mel is a killer (in a good way, hahaha). if anybody got more info, please post it.

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