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Thread: home docking station

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    home docking station

    I have sirius in my car and wanted it in my shop so bought a home kit through Amazon . The first one would not power up the radio head, nor would the second one. I know the radio head works as it is the one from my car. If I plug it into the power cord it will light up but if I plug it into the docking station I get nothing, no lights. The third one is on its way but I am wondering now if I am overlooking something? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I don't think you are overlooking anything except the possible obvious of not using the correct dock.

    The only other potential problem is that the connection point could be worn from being plugged and unplugged a lot but, it sounds like your unit typically just sits in the car?

    If it was worn out, lifting up on one side of the radio or the other while its plugged into the dock should make the points contact and create a connection good enough to show that it works. Some people put a piece of tape, foam rubber, or a matchbook under one side of the radio so it stays in contact while on the dock. Not the most elegant looking solution but, it works.

    This guy demonstrates a similar situation when the antenna is not deteced in the dock but, it could have just as easily been the power.

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    Thanks Charles; Both units were bought at the same time so there shouldn't be any wear on either one of them. I was wondering about the docking stations being different as you mentioned but the vehicle one is the same as far as the plug in goes. I am suppose to get number three tonight so lwet's hope it was just a fluke that I got two bads ones. Lee

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    If your third one ends up being dead also, then you may have a bad power supply instead! Between the wire and the connector it easily could have been damaged to where you're not getting the necessary 5 volts (for my sportster 4 & 5 models) to power up your receiver. Also post pics of the components here. Maybe someone familiar can point out an incompatibility point. Keep us posted on this issue.

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