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Thread: 2011 Jeep Sirius/nav factory radio to sportster 5

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    2011 Jeep Sirius/nav factory radio to sportster 5

    I bought an 11 jeep with the Sirius / nav combo radio. I want to install my sporster 5 (lifetime) and use the factory antenna. It works great but unfortunately the nav uses the same antenna. Is there any way to split the factory antenna and then connect to the sportster 5 and the factory nav?

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    I know antenna splitters do exist but, I have no idea what kind of cables you are working with. It's just a matter of matching up the male/female connectors.

    The guys at TSS have great customer service and will likely be able to answer your question.

    As far as I know, there isn't a product made specifically to do what you are looking to do. In other words, there isn't a 2011 Jeep factory splitter.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to the forums
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