Call me crazy but if you are offering apps that are distributed as
finished products - and they just flat-out don't work as advertised,
how is that not - like, fraudulent? I have had three Blackberrys in
two years. Bold 9650, Curve 9330, now BB 9930. On each one I've
downloaded every available SiriusXM internet player app that the
company states to be functional. None have ever worked.

Is this just a total scam? I mean how do you post apps for years and
not get called on it as false, or endeavor to actually fix the problem if
it's a known issue - for years ? No profitable company can just "say"
something IS.. when it just outright ISN'T.

Alternately, if anyone can tell me I'm doing something wrong and how
to make this work, please PLEASE contact me here or post. Am i not
getting something? Anyone from SiriusXM read this? I cannot communicate
with hard-to-hear call-center representatives who speak broken english
and can't escalate my call to someone who can address the issue.

Rightfully Pissed,