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Thread: Stabilization After the Arbitrage

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    Stabilization After the Arbitrage

    Tyler and Brandon have shed a lot of light on the reaction of the stock price in the last two days.

    With all this selling pressure that is "transactional" (for lack of a better word), and not based on investor sentiment. Do you guys see the price stabilizing in the near term down here at $1.50, or do you see it rebounding.

    I know evaluation of the combined company is still hazy because of the uncertain prospects and growth, but I tend to think it will come back to the low $2.00 range near term after all is said and done. I think that will price in disappointed retail holders bailing, but down at $1.50 it seems so artificially low.

    And you guys are right, the reporting of the media on this whole transaction has been horrendous. I wish Mel would release a PR explaining the offering like you guys have so it would hit major headlines. Instead of just spouting off corporate BS like we are world class radio and expect to achieve syngeries. Thanks Mel, we know. How about you explain to the world the mechanics (in laymans terms) of the debt restructuring so that your shareholders don't bail on you and drive you down more.
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