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Thread: John Stewart blasts Roger Ailes

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    John Stewart blasts Roger Ailes

    Obviously Mr. SiriuslyWrong watches a lot of Fox News.

    Back from vacation Tuesday, Jon Stewart hit back at Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who claimed that the late-night comedy host once admitted to him that he is a “socialist.”

    Oh right, Stewart said. It’s all coming back now. But why didn’t Ailes share what he admitted to Stewart a decade ago in a bar, Stewart wondered.

    “Jon, did I ever tell you that I, Roger Ailes, plan to undermine the role of an independent press by constantly whining that any reportage that deviates from a staunch conservative narrative is biased, while, at the same time, filling the editorial vacuum that that creates by building a conservative propaganda juggernaut in the guise of a news organization?” Stewart recalled.

    Ailes said he will call the organization “Fox News,” and its tag line will be, according to Stewart, “A fanatically micro-managed media fiefdom where my own far-right agenda and personal sense of victimhood drive every aspect of the operation … and balanced.”

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    And Colbert takes on the Donald. lol

    DAVID TAINTOR MAY 30, 2012, 8:09 AM 3364
    Stephen Colbert isn’t sure what to make of Donald Trump’s latest “birther” escapades.

    The billionaire business mogul is out with new evidence — a Barack Obama author bio — that claims the president was “born in Kenya.” For his part, Colbert said Tuesday he has always found “that whole Hawaii thing” pretty implausible. By that, he means the state of Hawaii.

    Colbert said the bio is believed to be the result of a clerical error by the book agency, but Trump doesn’t buy it. “He didn’t know he was running for president, so he told the truth,” Trump said recently.

    The Donald knows that when you’re running for president, you’ve got to get creative with the truth, Colbert said. Take his “I have a great relationship with the blacks” line, for instance.

    “I’m sure there are a couple who don’t care for him,” Colbert said, flashing a photo of the Obamas on the screen.

    Watch the video:

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    This is somewhat funny. I quess this counts as proof to THE DONALD that Romney was born outside of America. Lol.

    Mitt Romney iPhone App, 'With Mitt,' Misspells 'America'
    Posted: 05/30/2012 10:34 am Updated: 05/30/2012 10:43 am

    There's America, and there's Mitt Romney's "Amercia."

    Twitter was ablaze with commentary on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning after it came to light that the Romney campaign's newly-released app, "With Mitt," misspelled "America" as "Amercia."

    The free iPhone app allows supporters to personalize and share photos that are superimposed with one of more than a dozen phrases, like "I stand with Mitt," "Obama isn't working" and "American Greatness."

    But one of the slogans plasters "A Better Amercia" across the front of the image.

    As of Wednesday morning, the app still had not been updated.

    Since the app encourages sharing the photos on Facebook and Twitter, many users took to the web with their photos, using the #WithMitt hashtag that Romney himself tweeted on Tuesday evening. The gaffe has even spawned a Tumblr, "Amercia Is With Mitt."

    "Mistakes happen," Andrea Saul, Romney Press Secretary, said in an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday morning. "I don't think any voter cares about a typo." Saul added that an update has been sent to Apple.

    “We thought this would be a fun, easy way to showcase support,” Zac Moffatt, the digital director of the Romney campaign, told Mashable.

    Well, a lot of users are having fun, but the response is probably not as supportive as the campaign had hoped.
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