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Thread: Open letter to Deep Tracks.

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    I completely agree with Witnosh's assessment of the evolution of Deep Tracks within the last year or so. Mainstream rock 'n' roll with the occasional deep track has become the norm. Also, why has Earle Bailey jumped ship over to Classic Vinyl?

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    I openly admit I'm negatively biased in what I'm about to say, but am I the only one to notice that Deep Tracks became the "All U2 all the time" channel since the "Limited engagement" channel on 30 a few months back? I hate U2 period, but when all I hear is U2 almost every hour of the day and since only the first couple of the albums came out before CDs hit the market in the early 1980s I wouldn't call them 'classic' or 'deep'.

    I've been with XM since 2005 (I also REFUSE to acknowledge Sirius exists since the takeover) and I still long for the original years of XM and Deep Tracks then.
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    Love formed in 1965 in Los Angeles and a year later became the first rock group to sign with Elektra Records, which had previously focused solely on folk artists such as Phil Ochs, Judy Collins, Josh White and Tom Paxton. Love's first hit was a remake of Manfred Mann's My Little Red Book. Burt Bacharach, who had written the song with Hal David, was not happy that Love had changed some of the chords. Love's second hit was 7 & 7 Is. Their next singles, She Comes In Colors and ¬°Que Vida!, failed to chart.

    In January 1968, Love released Alone Again Or, which Deep Tracks just played. Guitarist Bryan MacLean had written it as Alone Again but lead singer Arthur Lee added Or to make the title sound mysterious. It stalled at #123 on Billboard's Bubbling Under chart but reached #7 on the KHJ Boss 30 and #10 on the KDAY Fun Forty. A longer version was released in 1970 and reached #99. Here is Alone Again Or -- which should have been a much bigger hit outside of Los Angeles:

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    Steven Tyler -- his real last name is Tallerico -- has had 21 top-40 hits as lead singer of Aerosmith, a group formed in 1970 in Boston. In 2016, Tyler released his first solo album, We're All Somebody From Somewhere. Two songs from the CD became top-30 hits on Billboard's country chart. Yes, really! The CD is country rock. Deep Tracks just played a song from that CD. Here is My Own Worst Enemy:

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