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Thread: Open letter to Deep Tracks.

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    I understand the complaints. I'm a new listener and am hooked. I'm hearing a lot of stuff I haven't heard in a long time, or never heard before.
    You may have seen my post requesting Golden Earring. Now there is a band that should be used in the same sentence as The Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin. They have been around a long time... and are still going strong. We just don't know it hear in the USA because of the ignorance of FM radio.
    Well, SiriusXM answered my requests. They have played a couple on Deep Tracks (Candy's Going Bad and *gasp!* Jangalene!) I am blown away and as a result, shall be a subscriber for life. Also saw 'Daddy Buy Me a Girl' was played on another station!
    All these years I have been waiting to hear more than just Radar Love and Twilight Zone (both classics... ). These guys have so much to offer. If SiriusXM continues to play their stuff, you are in for a refreshing treat.
    As you can see, I have no complaints.


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    Good comments, everyone. Yes, Deep Tracks remains the best, and even the Jim Ladd show has cut down on the talk. Good move, SiriusXM.

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    Is there any possible way to have the DJ's refrain from their vapid commentary? Having to listen to their inane anecdotes is one thing, but now they are interjecting with political rhetoric, especially the ass clowns on Deep Tracks. The day Jim Ladd, Dan Meer,or Earl Bailey sellout a stadium, I might be interested in their perspective about music. I have been a listener for years and the insipid crap is getting worse. If I want to hear that I'll go to AM. "Brevity is the soul of wit and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes." W. Shakespeare.

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    Send feedback, the company does listen! or better yet say hello on facebook
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Is that why Tom Petty wrote their Last DJ song because of Jim Ladd?

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    Is it just me or is anything else completely done with listening to Meg Griffin go on an on about her broken arm?

    At least afternoons were listenable a few weeks ago when Ladd was on vacation. I sometimes forget how much I used to enjoy listening to Deep Tracks during his time slot. Or after his time slot before they invented week nights with Pink Floyd. Or pretty much all day Sunday before they invented Pink Floyd Sundays.

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    Other than Meg Griffin kvetching about all of the snow out there on the East Coast, it's OK with me. She has been digging a bit into the archives as of late, though....Which is a good thing! The guy that they have now filling in for Earle Bailey is doing better than Earle......JMHO of course.

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    How does one argue the "benefits" of personal political opinions being aired: on a paid subscription radio service?

    Come on, be honest, we pay for the music. Writing that the political views of Jim Ladd, et al, have some monetary value to you -- simply because you heard a song you've never heard before -- is a disservice to the majority of Deep Track listeners. Tell it like it is. We pay our hard-earned to hear these people spin the obscure and/or ignored work of great artists, tell us the name of the artist and the work and, occasionally, to include a bit of information ABOUT THE ARTISTS that we may not know: and that's it. Political opinion has no place on Deep Tracks.

    As the old vet's used to say to me: The ones who speak the loudest are the one's who've never been there.
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    Please just shut Jim ladd up with his political rants and condescending attitude, thought I was paying for music not his Preaching

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    Deep Tracks used to be really good but lately, I find myself turning the channel. Hey, I'm open to hearing all kinds of bands and music but after a while, I get tired of hearing Bob Dylan EVERY HOUR! They chuckle with sarcasm ripping into past consultants and I get it but truth be told: they could use a consultant to tighten up the format. If I hear "Flash" one more time, I'll throw up.

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