Deep Tracks is fast becoming MTV. And that is not a good thing.

Several years ago -- and several hundred dollars ago -- I discovered Deep Tracks. What a wonderful concept for a radio station. When I heard Batdorf and Rodney (Batdorf and Rodney, for cryin' out loud!!) and Rory Gallagher and Strawbs and Garland Jeffreys, oh my gosh, what a musical delight. Throw them in with Traffic and Kinks and Stones and Hendrix and Dylan, and it's musical heaven. I was hooked. I have been ever since.

Radio can be such a joy. Part of that is the anticipation, wondering what's coming next. What will they play? Who is that? Do I remember it? What memories does that song bring back?

And then . . . Deep Tracks started playing . . . shows.

This weekend it's all Pink FLoyd all the time. What were you thinking?

Your DJs had it right originally: A little intro and outro and just play music. What caused you to change? What were you smoking? You had not just a good thing, but a wonderful thing, and you are ruining it.

Last week on the way home I heard a discussion of politics. Politics for god's sake. And don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining about the political slant. It was my slant. I agreed. But it was talking. Where was the music? It went on and on and on.

Right now I feel like I'm being cheated. Give me a good reason to continue my subscription. Why should I not just plug in my iPod, which is filled with the same stuff as your playlist? Sure, that takes away the surprise to a certain extent . . . I know what I bought . . . but I know no one will be talking. (Except for that one Todd Rundgren cut . . . and oh yeah, Neil Young at the Riverboat; "Heh, heh . . . thank you, crowd.").

If I want talk I have loads of FM stations, or NPR. If I want an hour of the same group in concert, well, I saw all the Don Kirshner's Rock Concerts. Been there, done that. Give me one cut, then move on.

Used to be that if I didn't really like the cut that was playing, at least I could anticipate something different next cut. No more.

Just give me the music. That's what you were good at.