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You fell into my trap. I knew where you were going to go with this. I knew you would
look for examples of how Roubini had been wrong with some of his predictions.lol.

Now of course Roubini never predicted anything as crazy as hyperinflation in 2011.
Or Gold going to 1$12,000 in the next year in a half or 10 year treasuries at 6% in
2011 etc. but he got predictions wrong absolutely.

As you remember i DONT invest or follow Mr. Roubini
but i do invest and follow Buffett, Soros, and obviously do my own personal research.
You however invest with Mr. Schiff who has been shown to have cost his investors a
ton of money.

So what you may not realize is that you just admitted that both Roubini and Schiff have been very wrong about their investment advice? Correct?

So I am really glad that you HAVE finally acknowledged that SCHIFF is someone people would be wise to stay far away from. Thank You. lmfao
Schiff's investment recommendations have been decent for me...................?

I've already noted that Schiff has been wrong....... Anyone who attempts to predict the future will likely be wrong, duh.