So I will start off by saying I work for SiriusXM in STS retention for 4 years if it hasn't been obvious enough in my responses. I have read over a few threads here and some other sites and it seems to be people are commonly angry with the fact that they need to wait an excessive amount of time to cancel, or they hate having to deal with the fees of having to do anything and everything.

I will not disclose secrets which may get me fired but I will admit a few unknowns.

1. The activation and swap fees CAN always be avoided. All it takes on our end is a simple check mark to waive the fee. The only thing is you need to explain to the rep why it should not be charged (commonly stated for broken or stolen radios) and it isn't charged. It does nto take much for us to waive this.

2. Yes it takes a while to get to the cancellation team and we get paid heavy bonuses if we keep you from not cancelling for obvious reasons. As such, we offer anything and everything we can, and some reps actually disconnect the line just so they do not have to cancel the account and have that cancellation go against them (i.e. the disconnects). The true ones do cancel knowing we save quite a few customers from cancelling and it all works out in the end.

3. Yes its true SiriusXM is testing out new towers and new frequencies for further development and the rumor is over the next 5-7 years to migrate everyone over to the XM airwaves as well as the content. Its a rumor on the floor so don't ask me to confirm it is happening for sure.

Anyone else with billing questions, or questions related to the Sirius or XM lifetime plans, of Lifetime plan offers, or cancellation questions, feel free to ask and I will response as soon as I can. Also, any technical questions are fine.

'Providing a helping SiriusXM 'Serious' hand'