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DGL down again a hair at 55.97 or negative 0.05

LMCA up for a finish at 82.97 or a gain of 0.80

Im going to post weekly results from now on. Too boring. LOL.

Although I thought the article on gold was pretty interesting.

Who were "those experts"?
Here, I'll do the math for you based on your 5/18 post "Yesterday DGL closed at 54.41 and LMCA closed at 79.67"

DGL: ((55.97 - 54.41) / 54.41)*100 = 2.87%

LMCA: ((82.97 - 79.67) / 79.67)*100 = 4.14%

Today looks like a good day for stocks. Probably because Walker kicked ass last night.