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Thread: Polls show Walker widening lead

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    Polls show Walker widening lead

    New polling data suggest Republican Gov. Scott Walker is pulling ahead of Democratic challenger Tom Barrett with three weeks to go until Wisconsin’s recall elections, with jobs and the economy still dominating the agenda.

    Results of a Marquette Law School poll conducted in the four days after last week’s primary and released Wednesday show Walker with a six percentage point lead over Barrett among likely voters, 50-44, and more voters say they favor Walker when it comes to job creation.

    Just 3 percent of voters said they are undecided.

    Wednesday’s results mirror data collected for the left-leaning Daily Kos website by Public Policy Polling, which indicated Walker up 50-45. Independent Hari Trivedi had the support of 2 percent; three-quarters of those voters named Barrett as their second choice.

    The polls indicates a surge in support for Walker since Marquette’s previous poll, taken in late April, which showed a virtual tie between the gubernatorial candidates.

    I wonder if the liberal left and union thugs would respect democracy should Walker win?

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    Yes we know you love Mr. Walker. The winner is the winner and always has been. Remember how classy Mr. Gore was in
    his "loss" even though many feel he was robbed. The question can be thrown back to you. IF president Obama were to win again
    would the right wing respect Democracy or continue to try to claim he is not an American?

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