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    "Wrong on WAY more than hyperinflation. Thats the point. No matter how hard you try you somehow cant be completely honest about our discussions about his past predictions.

    Ah, just like clock work, the insults come when your economic theories and theorists look fallible.
    Just answer basic questions instead of acting so petulant. It demeans you.

    You said you should have sold DGL at 25% profit. I was simply saying that DGL is down 20% from its hight so in actuality you should have sold at 33.87% profit. That is if you really are up 13.87% as of now. I can figure out any math you want. The silly insults are beneath you.
    I understand your frustrated with you investing choices at this point of time

    I dont know what % of your investments you have in gold and or gold related stocks. You only seem to talk about DGL and gold stocks (other than siri) so I assume its quite high, If so i suggest you re-allocate."

    I am completely honest about his so called "predictions". If you want to talk about honesty, I'd love to hear your comments on this

    I've posted this probably 20 times and never, not once have you commented. How disengenuine is that? So while we on the topic of honestly, honestly tell my about the accuracy of the comments Schiff makes in 2006 and 2007 in the video above.

    As far as DGL goes, I bought at $47.25 and it is currently trading at $53.41 for a 13.05% gain.

    "Frustrated" with my investment choices? Really? And how would you know such a thing? Let's be honest? Shall we?
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