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    DGL and GOLD

    DGL and GOLD. Remember when SiriuslyWrong bragged about how much money he was making
    on these bets? Remember his bets on penny stocks?

    Why is it that those lecturing others about debt and financial responsibility are often the biggest gamblers? Imagine putting them in charge of the govt. lmfao.
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    Yeah, I'm only up 13.87% now on my remaining shares of DGL. Should have cashed out at 25%. Oh well.

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    High for the year was 66.80. You watched it go down 20%. so far. You could have made a lot
    of money on the upswing of the market investing in other areas.

    How much you still up on gold? You really should have followed George Soro's lead. Oh well.

    P.S. Still gambling on penny stocks?
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    Gold went from $1.900 to $1,544. almost 25% down.

    Poor Mr. Schiff (your favorite "economist"). He bet that gold will rise to $12,000.00 within the next 2 years or the Dow will hit 1,400. Hope your not still following his advice (Austrian economic model) on this or anything else (dollar, inflation etc.).
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    So you think I should sell now?

    The fear of Greece defaulting is driving all commodities down. What would Buffet do?

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    What would Mr. Schiff do? lol. As i have said repeatedly: Whatever he would do,
    do the opposite and you will be in good shape. Remember he was calling for the
    rising of commodity prices, the falling of the dollar and the rise of HYPERINFLATION.
    I know its painful for you to admit but he has been wildly wrong (i have presented extensive evidence) about the vast majority of his predictions.

    What was the price you bought the gold at?
    Obviously if you had followed Soros's trail you would have come out quite well.

    Buffett would never put a large % of his portfolio in gold and gold related ETF's.
    I dont know if he has any gold.
    The other day he came out with his latest stock buys and sells. Check it out online.

    Maybe you should sell the gold and put it into Liberty. Buffett just bought some.

    P.S. I should have added: keep a little gold (5% or less of your portfolio) for the distant future.
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