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Thread: Romney's Budget Attack

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    Romney's Budget Attack

    He is consistently hypocritical.
    I quess some would praise him for this conistency.

    Mitt Romney defended George W. Bush in 2004 over inherited economy.
    When President Obama tries to soften attacks on his stewardship of the economy by pointing to the dismal economic conditions he inherited, Mitt Romney scoffs and accuses the president of making excuses. But Romney made a similar argument to the one Obama makes when it was President Bush who was under attack in 2004. Back then, Bush was facing heat from Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, who blaming the president for leading the country into a recession and then failing to lead it out.

    More to follow.

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    Speaking at a shuttered National Gypsum plant in Lorain, Ohio, Thursday, Mitt Romney claimed that “had the president’s economic plans worked, [the factory] would be open right now.”

    Never mind the fact that the plant actually closed in 2008, under President George W. Bush. Romney’s assertion, though, was an accurate summation of his own campaign narrative: No matter what happened before Jan. 20, 2009, the state of the economy is Obama’s fault.

    The attack Romney laid out in his speech — meant as a rebuttal to Obama’s stop in the same town one day earlier — came down to two main points. The first, on which Romney has staked his campaign, is that the blame for the economy lies squarely with Obama. Polls show that voters are getting on board with Romney’s claim that he knows how to turn the economy around.

    To emphasize his point, Romney again recalled Obama’s 2008 convention speech in Denver, and insisted that Obama has not lived up to the promise of progress the president laid out almost four years ago. “He said progress in his view would be measured by good jobs and the ability to pay for a mortgage with a good job,” Romney said. “Well now against that standard of success, how’s he done?”

    Obama was talking more broadly about the nature of success than setting his own guidelines.

    “Well, we now have about 24 million Americans out of work, or stopped looking for work or underemployed,” Romney said. “By his own measure, he has failed. He has not created more jobs for the American people. He hasn’t, and I will.”

    Romney is well aware that Obama gave that speech just before the economy spun out of control in the fall of 2008 and was hemorrhaging jobs at 750,000 per month when Obama took office. He’s also aware that the economy has added over 3 million jobs under Obama.

    But because he has staked his candidacy on his claim that he is better-equipped to handle the economy, he has been dismissive of the economic circumstances under which Obama took office. Along those lines, Romney repeated his claim that under President Obama, women have shouldered 93 percent of all jobs lost.

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