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Thread: Looking for reliable car hardware...

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    Looking for reliable car hardware...

    So I've had satellite radio for nearly 2 years now and have yet to have any hardware I don't hate. Ok, I've only had two different hardware solutions but still...

    First I got a XM Snap and set that up with the AUX in to my sony stereo. It worked...kinda. The biggest problem was, every time I shut the car off, it turned off and reset to the preview channel. So, start the car up, turn the snap back on and hit the memory button to go back to a channel. Annoying.

    Tired of that, I purchased the Sirius adapter for my sony head unit, thinking this would solve my problems. Uh, no. Once installed, it caused the sony head unit to shut off every time you start the car (this did not happen with the same stereo before hooking up the adapter). It's very strange, start the car up, the stereo flashes on and then immediately shuts off. On top of that, the satellite adapter only works about 75% of the time. At least once every week or two the stereo will forget that it has satellite radio at all, or will remember that it has it but will output no sound. This lasts a day or two (mostly, I just got over a week long spell of it not working) and then it starts to work again. Which, I know, sounds like a loose connection, but I've been over it a bunch of times and everything is tight and google indicates this is a common problem.

    I really like my satellite radio, but I would like it to just work. Ideally I'd like an integrated solution, e.g. a stereo with satellite support. However after my sony experience I'm very reluctant to try this again. But if anyone knows a brand with a reliable adaptor (clarion, pioneer, etc) I would consider it. Alternately if something like the XM Onyx would be a reliable option (and at $40 cheaper than a new head unit and adapter) I'd definitely consider it...

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    Welcome to the forums

    Not sure how much I can really help you out here, you've pretty much said it all.

    The integrated solution is the way to go if you want something that just works. Also, your start up and shut off issue sounds exactly like a loose were but... you already said that too.

    Does your receiver have a detachable faceplate? When you start the car and the radio shuts itself off... that sounds like a bad ground/short or a bad connection on the faceplate.

    As far as the satellite adapter only working 75% of the time goes, that sounds like a bad connection. Does it not recognize it at all or does it throw a "no signal error?"

    I can't tell you about any other brands as far aftermarket receivers go but, I have done tuner integrations into both a Jeep and a Nissan using their OEM satellite radio dashboard receiver and both have worked flawlessly. Sounds like your Sony receiver might be the problem in all of this.

    As far as the Onyx goes, I dont have one but, the reviews and price on amazon are surprisingly good.
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