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Thread: Sirius Travel Link

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    Sirius Travel Link

    The Info display on my 2011 Ford Taurus SHO navigation screen will display Sirius Travel Link as an option. There seems to be a lot of information available (weather radar, gas prices, movies, etc) on this service.

    Who has Sirius Travel Link and what do you like and dislike about it?

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    I have a 2012 Ford Focus that have My Ford Touch system in it. It had the Sirius package for free the first 6 months after my purchase. I grew to love the Travel Link feature. After my 6 months was up, I called Sirius and added that to my XM package option. However, this is where it gets VERY frustrating to me. I have been on the phone with my dealership and Sirius more days than my service has actually worked. I would lose my service, call in to Sirius, then they would send a hit to my car and it would then be restored for that day and the next day, then back down the following. I did this for 2 weeks straight. I escalated to a manager who opened up a ticket for me which I NEVER received a call from. VERY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE. I was then told after calling in for 3 weeks that it was my stereo. Oddly enough, my XM service was never interrupted and only the Travel Links was losing the service. Some days I would be driving on the highway and it would just all of a sudden go down while I am driving to work. Well I did the system update per MyFordTouch. I even had to take it to the dealership to have them pull the fuse to which there was no resolution. I went to the dealership and they did the software update completion, again, no resolution.
    I was then told by the dealership that if the radio works, then it can't be an issue with the car.
    My personal opinion is that there is a software conflict, and no one wants to take the accountability for it.
    Is there anyone else that is having this issue or has had this in the past and know what it takes to get some resolution. I have only had my car since November and I LOVE the car, and just wish that my features would work as I pay for.

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