I'm hoping someone has come across this issue before. My Stiletto SL100 used to work fine in the SCVDOC1 dock to connect to my Clarion car radio thru SiriusConnect. To keep the story short, I ran the device recovery to resolve a different problem (which it didn't resolve because there was an unrelated cause altogether for that problem), but after running the device recovery, now my SL100 won't connect my Clarion radio. It says "SiriusConnect" on the SL100's screen, but the Clarion radio's display just says "SR1" and none of the buttons will do anything to change stations. I tried my friend's Sirius radio (a different model, a "stratus" model I think?) in the SCVDOC1 dock, and it did connect and work fine with my Clarion radio. So that's why I know the problem is with my SL100 radio. I tried running the device recovery again: made no change. I'm thinking maybe I need to install an older software level, but I don't know how to do it, nor if I can do it. Does anyone know if this can be done? My SL100 works totally fine for everything else (receiving/playing stations/recording through its own controls). It's just its "SiriusConnect" functionality that quit working after running the device recovery.

I'm hoping and would be eternally grateful for any help I can get. Thanks!