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Thread: Problems with Sportster and boombox compatability

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    Angry Problems with Sportster and boombox compatability

    My sportster receiver SP3TK1C stopped working would not tune
    into anything no signal so I purchase a new one Starmate 6.

    This will not dock onto my two boom boxes SUBX1C. What gives?

    I found elsewhere that the docking issue with the sportster is common after a while. Any solutions out there?

    As for the non compatible replacement, Starmate 6, and my two boomoxes what kind of a company would do this to their customers? Are there no adapters?

    Sirius Customer Care responds:
    We can advise you that the newer generation of SIRIUS receivers do not
    fit in to the older discontinued SUBX1C. We do apologise for any
    inconvenience this may have brought you. There are no adapters
    available for this that we provide.

    Please remember SIRIUS Customer Care is ready and willing to assist you
    at anytime.

    Right. Is the solution simply to go and buy more stuff from Sirius.

    Help from Canada.

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    Welcome to the forums

    I have heard of the sportster connections wearing out over time and that pushing the unit down or up a little bit helps establish a connection. I have also heard of people putting tape or a piece of paper on one side of the dock so they unit is tilted a tiny bit to one side or the other. Have you tried your old sportster in a different dock?

    I am sure it is frustrating that the stratus 6 doesn't work but, that is a pretty common issue with electronics. For instance, my last 3 cellphones all had different charging and data transfer cables. It stinks but, it happens. I think most of the Sirius XM docking stations and boomboxes are deceive specific.

    Maybe you might consider purchasing a used sportster on ebay?
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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