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MON FEB 27, 2012 AT 02:00 PM PST
Warren Buffett mocks Chris Christie
byJed Lewison

Chris Christie looks at this photo and sees a Socialist Conspiracy (White House photo)

The lunchroom bully just got socked in the jaw:
Warren Buffett hit back at Chris Christie on Monday for recently suggesting that the billionaire “just write a check and shut up,” sarcastically calling the New Jersey governor’s remarks “a touching response.”
“It’s sort of a touching response to a $1.2 trillion deficit, isn’t it? That somehow the American people will all send in checks and take care of it?” Buffett said in an interview with CNBC.

Christie wasn't Buffett's only target. He also took aim at Mitch McConnell for having said the same thing:
“It’s sort of astounding to me that somebody that has the responsibility for being the minority leader in the Senate would think that you attack a $1.2 trillion or so deficit by asking for voluntary contributions,” Buffett said, referring to McConnell’s suggestion last month that the billionaire “send in a check” if he’s feeling so “guilty” about his low tax rate.
He added, “Since he did, I offered to triple his. But that’s a side show. The real problem we have is we’re taking in too little money and we’re spending too much. And that’s not going to be solved by voluntary contributions.”

As Greg Sargent points out, Warren Buffett is smart enough to understand something that modern Republicans do not believe and cannot comprehend: that American capitalism and prosperity depends on a healthy government. America's economic success has not come about in spite of our government, it's come about in part because of our government. And those who have reaped the biggest rewards also have the biggest responsibility to make sure the next generation is blessed with the same opportunities that they had.