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Thread: I am a Newbie

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    I am a Newbie

    Hi, I am new to this, so thank you for your patience. I just listened to satellite radio yesterday for the first time. It was amazing. Our car needs a new radio, and I wanted to also get satellite radio for my husband. It's for our 39th anniversary. Where should I start? I need a new radio, speakers are really good....satellite radio hardware?

    Oh, and there is a difference between Sirius and XM?



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    Welcome to the forums Jackie

    Are you looking to build a system into your car or would you rather a plug and play that you can take from the car to the home?

    Yes, there is a difference in the channel lineup between Sirius and XM, you can see the differences here (change the option at the top from sirius to xm to see the difference);
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