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Thread: Audiovox sir-pnp3 and stratus 5/6 compatible?

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    Audiovox sir-pnp3 and stratus 5/6 compatible?

    I currently have a Audiovix sir-pnp3 with a car and home dock. I was told the stratus 5 or 6 would fit in the same docking stations... Anyone know if this is true?


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    Welcome to the forums

    Where did you hear that the dock would work for both receivers? I checked out the product page for both the stratus and sir-pnp3 home dock and neither mention that they are compatible with the other. That said, there are some universal style home dock kits so, it's not impossible.

    I would take your home kit dock down to the local bestbuy or audio shop and try it out for yourself to be sure. Maybe they will have a floor model out of the packing.

    or... you could wait for someone else who knows more than me to come along.
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