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Thread: Sirius/XM Customer "No Service"

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    Sirius/XM Customer "No Service"

    I wanted to extend my "congrats" to Sirius/XM for having a customer service department that is totally unattended, 24/7/365 (366 days this year). Sending my "congrats" to their customer "no service" department, of course, would have been unread, so I thought to myself, "what's the point"?

    You have to work hard to create a company culture so distainful of their customers and still feel they can survive. When I subscribed to my four accounts (2 Sirius, 2 XM including aviation nexrad weather), I made my decision based on the channel lineup. In other words, since I liked Radio Classics and Public Radio channels, those were worthy of my money going to Sirius/XM. I felt like we had a contract, and by me giving them money, they would, in turn, send my radios the services on their channel listing. Now they have deleted a Public Radio channel, and then try to shove the notion that the new Public Radio channel is "better". Bob Edwards is now longer on my plan....thanks a lot.

    And now we come to their decision to preempt my channels when sports come along. How about preemting one of the 25 hip/hop channels? Why is Road Dog Trucking not on my XM radio on Sundays?

    The biggest thing, however, is their total disregard of customer emails thru their comment section of their website.

    If I had ever gotten a reply in two years of sending comments, I would not be writing this.

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    Thank you Larry for your comments on the lack of service at Sirius. It continues to astound me how this company can be so lacking in this very important area. There have been numerous complants, on this site alone. So much emphasis is put in other areas when it begins with good customer service.

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