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Thread: SIR-APL1 need help trouble shooting

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    Exclamation SIR-APL1 need help trouble shooting

    Recently had my car serviced requiring the battery cables to be taken off and reattached. As soon as I
    i drove off the lot the Alpine head unit was no longer able to recognize the Sirius tuner. I still can see the iPod connection that goes through the interface but no Sirius. I've looked in the unit and am getting the following orange light sequence: 5-6 short blinks on circuit R24 and then 2 long blinks on circuit R28. Can anyone tell me what this is indicating?

    I have already checked and replaced the fuse, disconnected and reconnected the interface/tuner unit, verified I'm getting power to the unit, reset the head unit, and checked and changed all head unit settings that could be relevant but no luck.

    Hopefully one of you Pros can point me in the right direction other than buying a replacement unit.


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    Welcome to the forums

    Unfortunately, your issue sounds specific to the Alpine unit. Have you tried reading the troubleshooting section of the manual or contacting Alpine's support?

    If you checked and reset the alpine head unit... maybe the sirius tuner was fried by a power surge? Are you sure the tuner is getting power?
    Charles LaRocca
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    Thanks for the quick response Charles!
    I have read all manuals, Product specific sites and support, and online topics related to this but nothing helpful.
    All other features of the head unit are functioning properly including its ability to identify the iPod connection that goes through the Sirius SIR-APL1 interface.

    I am getting enough power to the SIR-ALP1 to produce the orange lights and generate heat from the unit. It also is allowing the iPod passthrough.

    I was hoping to catch someone's attention who has familiar with the Sirius connect device that could tell me what the orange light sequence means as I can't find any mention of it when searching the internet. The light is normally solid during operation.

    Thanks again Charles for the response!

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