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I'm not mad, I'm just a little tired of your preachy egomaniacal bullshit. It's disruptive to the board and disrespectful to the people who run it. You are incapable of expressing opinion and discussing something without trying to elevate yourself above whoever it is your are speaking with.

It's particularly frusturating when you have been shown time and time again how misguided your pompous rantings are. When was it that Mel walked away from the deal because of additional concessions? Oh wait, that's right he didn't. He accepted them to get the deal done, cause his back was against the wall.

Yes john, let's all pray. Everyone you have ever met in your life is doomed because their ignorance is going to kill someone that is close to them. Give me a break. Your a f$cking nutcase. Pack up your circus.
I had no idea until tonight that John has been revealed to be a lying, cheating ass on more than one thread.