Published 21:30 26.01.12Latest update 21:30 26.01.12
'Senior IDF officer told cabinet Israel cannot stop Iran's nuclear program'
Time Magazine quotes Israeli defense official as saying that Israel can only delay Tehran's nuclear program by several months, at most a year.

By Haaretz
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A senior Israel Defense Forces commander has said that Israel is unable to attack Iran's nuclear program in a meaningful way, Time Magazine reported on Thursday.

According to the report, which is quoting an Israeli defense official, a senior IDF commander presented the cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a gloomy assessment last fall.

The reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant is seen, just outside the southern city of Bushehr, Iran.

“I informed the cabinet we have no ability to hit the Iranian nuclear program in a meaningful way,” the official quoted the senior commander as saying. “If I get the order I will do it, but we don’t have the ability to hit in a meaningful way.”