Both Mr. Adelstein and Ms. Tate are waiting to be reconfirmed by the Senate for another term on the FCC, which has increased the ability of both sides to pressure them.


The FCC may opt to deal with the outstanding enforcement issues in a consent decree with the companies, although it could take a few more days to hammer out details. An FCC spokesman declined to comment.

1. This is the second time in 17 months that I have seen the main stream media reference the ridiculous politics involved in this. I believe the other one came out a few weeks ago quoting an analyst saying "but what isn't political"

2. Who is familiar with the consent decree. Is that just a FCC ruling without any kind of proceeding?

3. I'm not sure why the enforcement issues have to be resolved before consummating the merger as both companies will still exist as legal entities, XM being a subsidiary.

Whatever it takes. The more and more that leaks from the FCC it seems Tate is poised to move forward immediately following all of this. Now if only the FCC's definition of progress and "few days" was anything that we could rely on, I'd feel better. haha