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zcurzan, I read someplace that when one of the companys of terrestrial radio had to pay for several hundred violations over the years, it was something like 100,000 dollars or some small amount. It was so long ago I cant remember how much, but it was pretty small. It might have even been at Sirius Buzz I read it. I think it was in a comments section on a article It might have even been Tyler who said it responding to someone I am not sure. I am pretty sure Tyler knows about it though.

The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would raise the maximum fine for indecent broadcasts to $325,000 -- ten times more than the current limit of $32,500. The 379-35 vote follows passage of the same bill in the Senate and sends the measure to President Bush, who will likely sign it into law.

Now obviously those figures are regarding indecency, and they are a little dated. For enforcement issues I am getting numbers all over the board from Google, seems like its really subjective. So Tate is either going to try to lay it on thick to make a point, and to maybe win Adelstein, or maybe the real issue here is just resolving the disputes so they are no longer outstanding.

Cant' wait to find out.